Empire College London is a medium sized college, which hosts

Empire College London is a medium sized college, which hosts various kinds of courses offered on Full time and Part time basis. The college offers Business, IT and Mechanical Engineering subjects to different Levels of students. These Levels are B Tech Level 4, 5, 6 and 7, and the first three levels constitute to equaling of Honors Bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom, and Level 7 equaling to a Post Graduate Level. The college has over 1,000 registered Students and intakes of new Students occur once a year in September. Due to the rising number of students, the college Administration has decided to implement an On-line Library catalogue and a supporting Virtual Learning Environment component. The specific reasons for On-line library is to facilitate students with a large number of books on-line via image scanning and other facilities. The purpose of the 

1: An Activity diagram of Student/Faculty interaction with the VLE for user login/registration:

2: Identify issues associated with the user login/registration (use fork join etc)


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