Gerontology 7) Among the following characteristics, which



7) Among the following characteristics, which is the least important one for enhancing older people’s status?  

A) knowledge of traditional skills

B) chronological age

C) information control

D) their social contributions

8) Societies in advanced stages of modernization may become more aware of the older population’s devalued status through:  

A) religious organizations.

B) politicians.

C) advertising and television.

D) peer pressure.

9) The major premise of modernization theory is that with modernization:  

A) older people’s status increases in most societies

B) there are more opportunities for intergenerational interaction

C) older people experience a higher quality of life

D) older people often lose political and social power


10) In relation to modernization, occupation and education,:  

A) have a reversed J-shaped relation.

B) show an increase, but later decline.

C) suggest that after initial stages of modernization, status differences between generations widen.

D) suggest that after initial stages of modernization, the status of older people falls.


11) Which of the following statements about the care of older persons in Japan is true?  

A) Demand for nursing homes , especially in Japan’s big cities, is low.

B) Japanese families assume no more responsibility for their older relatives than do Western families.

C) The proportion of older couples living with adult children has declined since 1985.

D) The old are such a small proportion of the Japanese population that their care is not a significant problem.


12) Which is true of role changes and suicide among older adults?  

A) Generally, Japanese women aged 75 and older have lower suicide rates than their counterparts in English speaking countries.

B) In the U.S., suicide rates increase for the 65 and older group when compared to the 40 -50 age group.

C) Suicide rates of older women do not differ by country.

 D) Asian men aged 75 and older have higher suicide rates than any other age group of Asian men

13) According to social exchange theory,:  

A) as society becomes more modernized, older people lose respect.

B) most societies have a sense of reverence and deference toward elders.

C) it is possible to achieve a balance between costs and contributions made by older adults and the extent of power and respect they command.

D) none of the above.

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