Question # 3: Identify, is Farah going through Eustress,

Question # 3:  

Identify, is Farah going through Eustress, Distress or No stress. Explain your answer with reason.  “Farah has recently joined a company where her new boss is a perfectionist. He has given her some tough goals to achieve with strict timeline. Though the expectations are high and demanding, Farha enjoys as she feels that she is learning new things”. 

Question # 4: Case Study 

“Tania, 36 years old lady, is co-founder of 7-days, a management consultancy business. 

She works from 9 am to 9 pm as she is the main bread-earner for the family. She earns 

PKR 200,000 a month and lives with her husband Kamran, 42 years old, who 

works part-time, and their seven-month-old son Faiz, in Karachi”.

a) Write TWO stressors which she might be facing.  

b) How could the stress influence negatively on Tania? Write at least two points

c) Give TWO suggestions to Tania to manage her stress

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