This is an individual presentation delivery assignment. As

      • This is an individual presentation delivery assignment. As an extension of the Interactive case studies, in this assignment, you will apply your research to the four (4) areas of Alternative Investments: Real Assets, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Structured Products. This is a graduate-level assignment where you will practice delivering a professional PowerPoint presentation and using VoiceThread. Just as in the Interactive case studies, learning Alternative Investments is enhanced and strengthened by applying real-world skills and principles, and to accomplish this we must research each of the above Alternative Investments and present what is learned within a professional presentation.

      • To that end, summarizing a specific subset of each Alternative Investment will help reinforce the lessons in each assigned module. In this assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will include the following: Summarize your research into Hedge Funds. In the first 2 slides, you will simply tell your audience which type of specific asset you will be focusing on and summarize the key characteristics of this investment. Keep in mind that Hedge funds are investment pools that offer greater flexibility than traditional pools of investments, such as stocks and bonds; Hedge funds offer such features as large short positions, high degrees of leverage, and rapidly changing risk exposures; and Hedge funds are often structured as private placement vehicles, where the funds are not publicly listed on a securities exchange.

      • Provide recommendations, either for or against, investing in a specific type of Hedge Fund In this slide, you will simply provide your audience with a recommendation on the type of specific asset you are focusing on. Keep in mind that your recommendation might be somewhat nuanced. In other words, the type of specific asset you are focusing on may have both positive and negative prospects. In other words, there may exist a mixed picture of your specific assets, and if so, you will need to briefly inform your audience what these might entail. Provide your rationale for your recommendations.

      • In other words, you will discuss the risk and return potential for your recommendations. In the last 2 slides, you will discuss the risk and return potential for your specific asset/investment recommendations. What are the potential returns? What are the potential losses? How liquid is the asset? Does this asset help diversify a portfolio to reduce risk, or increase it? Essentially you will summarize the upside and downside of this asset. References Make sure all references are cited using APA format for presentations.