What was Four Seasons’ distinct resource base, including

What was Four Seasons’ distinct resource base, including elements of  its administrative heritage, that provided internationally transferable FSAs? Which value-added activities in which foreign location(s) permitted  Four Seasons to exploit and augment its distinct resource base to the fullest? What were the expected costs and difficulties Four Seasons faced  when transferring this distinct resource base? What specific resource recombination (associated with each  alternative foreign entry and operating mode) was required so as to make the  proposed international value-added activities successful? Did Four Seasons have the required resource recombination capability  in-house? What were the costs and benefits of using complementary resources of  external actors to fill resource gaps? 

What were the main bounded rationality and bounded reliability problems Four Seasons faced when extending the geographic scope of the firm’s activities, given the changed boundaries of the firm, the changed linkages with  outside stakeholders and the changes in its internal functioning?