How do I fill out the W-9 tax form?


Any US citizens that are registered and doing work on need to file the W-9 tax form. To access this form, please Click Here and download the form from the IRS. Be sure to fill out the form correctly. If you need any help with filling out the W-9 tax form, you can contact your local accountant or tax advisor, or you can access the instructions for the form provided by the IRS by Clicking Here.

Once you have successfully downloaded and filled out the W-9 tax form, you can submit it in the Tax ID Verification section of your personal settings. Be sure to select the correct form from the drop-down list before you click the green submit button at the bottom.

If you need to make any changes to the W-9 form that Solution Inn has on file for you, please contact us by Clicking Here.

Please note that Solution Inn does not require this information for company use. The IRS requires this information; therefore, we ask that you verify your tax information with us.