How do I set up my payment method with my bank account?


If you’d like to use your bank account (Wire) as your payment method, you can set everything up in the withdraw payment method section of your finances.

Select the Wire option and provide your account title, the account type you use, as well as your account number. You’ll also have to provide the information regarding the bank you’ll be transferring your funds to. This information will include your bank’s country, your bank’s name, your routing/Swift code, your bank’s address, city, and state, as well as your bank’s currency.

Here are a few things you should be aware of if you are considering this option:

Any non-US dollar bank accounts may be subject to different rates, due to the foreign exchange of funds. Contact your bank to determine what your rates may be.
It is possible that you may be charged an additional fee for the exchange or currency spread, instead of the basic international wire-free.
Bank holidays may delay your funds longer than the 3-5 day processing period. Contact your bank to determine what holidays may affect their operating days and hours.
In other countries, some banks require a memo to go with every incoming wire transfer. Contact your bank for further information.
The name on your bank account must be the same as the name on your Solution Inn account