What should I do if the solution does not meet my requirements? Can I get a refund?


Yes. You may initiate a refund request if the solution  file provided does not satisfy your requirements.
 The solutions provided by Solution Inn are compiled in  formats which meet the requirements of International Standards. Solutions come  in different file formats like .doc and .xls, while some are only available in  .xls format due to use of formulas which cannot be generated in .doc files.
 If you are not satisfied with solution and a better  alternate solution is available, it will be sent to you via email
 If not, you may send us an email at [email protected] so a refund may be  initiated on your request
 You may also raise your concern on our website through a "complaint", you will find this section towards the top right corner of the  page
 We try to resolve all customer concerns immediately, only  in rare cases we may require up to 24 hours for the issue to be resolved.
 The refund process is fairly simple and may require 3-5  business days for processing depending on your financial institution’s policies  and whether you require an Internal (funds may only be used on  or an External (original form of payment) refund.