Suppose that we have a multiprogrammed

Suppose that we have a multiprogrammed computer in which each job has identical characteristics. In one computation period, T, for a job, half the time is spent in I/O and the other half in processor activity. Each job runs for a total of N periods. Assume that a simple round-robin scheduling is used, and that I/O operations can overlap with processor operation. Define the following quantities:
• Turnaround time = actual time to complete a job
• Throughput = average number of jobs completed per time period T
• Processor utilization = percentage of time that the processor is active (not waiting) Compute these quantities for one, two, and four simultaneous jobs, assuming that the period T is distributed in each of the following ways:
a. I/O first half, processor second half
b. I/O first and fourth quarters, processor second and third quarter