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An Introduction To The Calculus(1st Edition)


George A Gibson

Free an introduction to the calculus 1st edition george a gibson 1397843446, 978-1397843449
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ISBN: 1397843446, 978-1397843449

Book publisher: Forgotten Books

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An Introduction To The Calculus 1st Edition Summary: Excerpt from An Introduction to the CalculusIf pairs of numbers are chosen at random and the points plotted which have these numbers as coordinates, there will be no orderly arrangement among the points: they will be scattered all over the diagram. If, however, the coordinates are connected by an equation the case is altered; the points will now be arranged in a manner that suggests a definite curve on which they all lie. This curve is called the graph of the equation while, in reference to the curve, the equation is called the equation of the graph Other phrases are often used to express the connection between the equation and the graph. Thus, the equation is said to be represented by the graph, while the graph is said to be given by the equation; the curve is, so to speak, the geometrical counterpart, or picture, of the equation.