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Social Work Ethics In A Changing Society(1st Edition)


Michael Reisch

Free social work ethics in a changing society 1st edition michael reisch 1516583361, 978-1516583362
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ISBN: 1516583361, 978-1516583362

Book publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing

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Social Work Ethics In A Changing Society 1st Edition Summary: Social Work Ethics in a Changing Society analyzes the challenges social workers face in applying social work values and ethics due to recent significant social, political, cultural, and technological changes. It provides readers with guidelines for ethical practice based on a philosophic foundation rooted in social justice principles.The book begins with a summary of key ethical concepts and principles. It then provides a brief history of social work ethics and analyzes their core assumptions in the context of new realities. The book provides readers with several frameworks through which to analyze a variety of contemporary ethical issues. In subsequent chapters, it applies these frameworks to situations largely derived from real world experience.Global sources provide a comparative perspective on the interpretation and implementation of social work values and ethics. The book contains extensive case examples and reflection exercises that illustrate ethical dilemmas in all areas of practice and those created or complicated by increasing social and cultural diversity. It includes content on the application of ethics to policy practice through examples drawn from the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the nation's response to the coronavirus pandemic, and other current policy issues.Designed to help current and future social workers navigate a fractious, ever-evolving society, Social Work Ethics in a Changing Society is an excellent resource for students, faculty, and practitioners within the discipline.