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The Bromsgrove Bookseller A Captivating Victorian Historical Murder Mystery(1st Edition)


Kerry Tombs

Free the bromsgrove bookseller a captivating victorian historical murder mystery 1st edition kerry tombs
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ISBN: 1789315603, 978-1789315608

Book publisher: Joffe Books (November 9, 2020)

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The Bromsgrove Bookseller A Captivating Victorian Historical Murder Mystery 1st Edition Summary: AN EVOCATIVE VICTORIAN DETECTIVE MYSTERY FULL OF CLEVER TWISTSLedbury, December 1892.Detective Inspector Ravenscroft looks forward to spending a quiet Christmas with his family. Then he receives news that an old friend stands accused of a brutal murder.DID YOUNG STEBBINS STAB HIS OWN UNCLE IN THE BACK?Ravenscroft and Detective Sergeant Crabb travel to the old Worcestershire market town of Bromsgrove to investigate. But events soon take a deadly dramatic turn.As the bad weather closes in on the two detectives Ravenscroft begins to wonder whether they will make it home for Christmas.CAN HE CRACK THE CASE AND SAVE HIS FRIEND FROM THE GALLOWS?Perfect for fans of M.R.C. Kasasian, E.S. Thomson, Oscar de Muriel or Karen Charlton.MEET THE DETECTIVEInspector Samuel Ravenscroft, unmarried and over forty, is a detective in the Whitechapel branch of the Metropolitan Police. Painfully asthmatic, he is overlooked by his superiors in favour of his pushier colleagues. But Ravenscroft wants to prove himself and strives to overcome his physical limitations. His tools are forthright questioning, close examination of the evidence and personal intuition. He often finds that the solutions to crimes are buried deep in the past.With his trusty Bradshaw, Ravenscroft and his colleague Constable Tom Crabb, travel around the Three Counties, overlooked by the Malvern Hills, bringing criminals to justice.KERRY TOMBS was born near Birmingham, but grew up in various locations in north Worcestershire. After a career teaching in both England and Australia, he moved to Malvern in 1982, where he became a local genealogist, lecturer and bookseller.INSPECTOR RAVENSCROFT DETECTIVE MYSTERIES SERIESBook 1: THE MALVERN MURDERSBook 2: THE WORCESTER WHISPERERSBook 3: THE LEDBURY LAMPLIGHTERSBook 4: THE TEWKESBURY TOMBBook 5: THE DROITWICH DECEIVERSBook 6: THE PERSHORE POISONERSBook 7: THE UPTON UNDERTAKERSBook 8: THE HEREFORDSHIRE HANGMENBook 9: THE BROMSGROVE BOOKSELLERMORE COMING SOON!