The Lobs, Love & Lessons Tennis Club is a large,

The Lobs, Love & Lessons Tennis Club is a large, regional chain of full-service tennis clubs that cater to the demographics of the region (about 60% of all adults are single in most locations). The clubs each have an indoor swimming pool, exercise equipment, a running track, tanning booths, and a smoothie café for after workout refreshments. The Midlothian club is open seven days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Just inside the front doors is a reception desk where an employee greets patrons. Members must present their membership card to be scanned by the bar code reader, and visitors pay a $16 daily fee.

When the employee at the desk collects cash or a check for daily fees, he or she also has the visitor complete a waiver form. The employee then deposits the cash in a locked box and files the forms. At the end of each day the club accountant collects the cash box, opens it, removes the cash, and counts it. The accountant then gives a receipt for the cash amount to the employee at the desk.

The accountant takes the cash to the bank each evening. The next morning, the accountant makes an entry in the cash receipts journal for the amount indicated on the bank deposit slip.

Susan Richmond, the General Manager at the Midlothian club, has some concerns about the internal controls over cash. However, she is concerned that the cost of additional controls may outweigh any benefits. She decides to ask the organization’s independent auditor to review the internal control procedures and to make suggestions for improvement.

1. Assume that you are the staff auditor for this client. Your manager asks you to identify any weaknesses in the existing internal control system over cash admission fees.

2. Recommend one improvement for each of the weaknesses you identify.


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