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Amar Kumar Behera

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Doctorate, PhD
KU Leuven, 2013
Chester, United Kingdom
Engineering's Tutor
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Who am I?

I am an expert in science and technology. I provide dedicated guidance and help in understanding key concepts in various fields such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electronics, computer science, physics and maths. I will help you clarify your doubts and explain ideas and concepts that are otherwise difficult to follow. I also provide proof reading services. I hold a number of degrees in engineering from top 10 universities of the US and Europe. My experience spans 20 years in academia and industry. I have worked for top blue chip companies.

What interests me?

I am good at a few sports and am a county panel umpire. I also like to travel and listen to music.

Doctorate, PhD
KU Leuven
2009 - 2013