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Eslam Ibrahim

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Bachelors (BS), Bachelor Of Electrical Engineering
Ismailia, Egypt
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Who am I?

I've an experience of 2 years working for multiple tutoring sites in Mathematics, particularly the following branches: Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, and SAT math. My goal is to help students realize and understand the concept of problems and their homework tasks, help them make a simple strategy to solve it, then give them some tips and hints to be able to do their homework or tasks mostly on their own, granting them the chance to be able to self-study new topics, as well as demonstrate their understanding of it.

What interests me?

One of my hobbies is reading history books or biographies especially those related to modern history

Bachelors (BS), Bachelor Of Electrical Engineering
Suez Canal University
2010 - 2014
Mathematics Tutor
I'm a math tutor for multiple tutoring sites, helping students through giving them concepts and tips for solving their homework problems, in addition to helping them acquire the knowledge and skill to solve their problems on their own.
2019 - Present (4 years)