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Joash Mokaya

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Bachelors, Information Technology
Kibabii University, 2021
Bungoma,kenya, Kenya
Computer Science's Tutor
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Last Active: Feb 20,2023
Who am I?

I am an experienced tutor with more than 7 years of experience. I have helped thousands of students pursue their academic goals. My primary objective as a tutor is to ensure that students have an easy time handling their academic tasks.

What interests me?

These are my Interests & Hobbies Coding Singing Coding Singing Skating

Bachelors, Information Technology
Kibabii University
2017 - 2021
Software Engineer Intern
Mathica Labs
Designs and creates software solutions to solve pain points for various clients Checks feasibility of software prototypes Modifies code to fix errors
2020 - 2021 (1 year)
Software Developer Intern
ZimCore Solutions
Developed and implemented software solutions based on client requirements Tested and refined software prior to rollout Released ad hoc product patches
2018 - 2020 (2 years)