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Keith Barnatchez

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Bachelors (BA), Economics-Mathematics And Statistics
Colby College, Continued
Boston, United States
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Who am I?

Coming from a family of teachers -- my mom teaches kindergarten and my father taught high school students -- I have always enjoyed the challenge of teaching, especially concepts in math, statistics and economics. For a long time, I struggled with math concepts. While still in high school I was ready to give up on the subject entirely, until taking a precalculus course with a phenomenal instructor who completely changed my outlook. Since then, I have sought out challenging courses in mathematics and statistics, as well as opportunities to help students struggling with these subjects. While stu...   

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What interests me?

Outside of studying/my day job, I love to run and cook!

Bachelors (BA), Economics-Mathematics And Statistics
Colby College
United States
2014 - 2018
Senior Research Assistant
Federal Reserve Bank Of B
Senior Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Work with Federal Reserve economists and research and policy projects. Write programs to implement statistical procedures, design and solve theoretical economic models, conduct detailed literature reviews, and frequently extract and visualize data from numerous sources.
2018 - Present (5 years)
Teaching Assistant
Colby College
Worked as a teaching assistant for numerous courses (Single Variable Calculus, Introductory Statistics and Macroeconomic Theory) while at Colby College as an undergraduate student. Duties included grading student assignments and exams, as well as frequently hosting office hours to help students struggling with course concepts and cover solution strategies for assignment problems.
2015 - 2018 (3 years)