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Michael Kiche

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Bachelors, Electrical And Electronic Engineering
Technical university of Mombasa, Continued
Mombasa, Kenya
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Who am I?

I was employed studypool for the first time in tutoring. I did well since most of my students and clients got the necessary information and knowledge requested for. I always submitted the answers in time and followed the correct formatting in answering eg MLA or APA format, Again I worked with the writers bay where I did writing and got many clients whom we worked with so closely. They enjoyed every single service I delivered to them. My answers are always correct.

What interests me?

• Value accountability and integrity • Well organized, strong work ethic in achieving organizational

Bachelors, Electrical And Electronic Engineering
Technical university of Mombasa
2018 - Continued
Course Hero
Worked with studypool to assist students with their assignments. I also worked with course hero to help student do their homework and assignments.
2018 - 2021 (3 years)