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16 days ago
Bachelors, Social Work

I am a professional writer with more than 2 years of writing experience. I will always deliver a grade A paper with zero plagiarism . Thanks in...

2 days ago
Masters, Chemistry

Passed B.Sc Chemistry and got first rank in the college. Passed M.Sc Chemistry and immediately cleared NET exam for Lectureship Passed AMIE...

3 days ago
Bachelors, Technology

Online tutoring Chegg - 2 years coursehero - 1year

23 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemistry

4 year experience . i am teacher . i am toutuber teaching on there / , chemistry is only my interested subject i choose this for...

8 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Arts

I've tutored professionally and casually for 4 years, plus I did peer tutoring in both High school and university

11 months ago
Doctorate, Anthropology + Sociology

I have been Working as a Lecturer in Sociology Since 2012. I am working on visiting faculty position in Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad and...

8 months ago
Bachelors, Economics

I have extensive tutoring skills in variety of courses. I have tutored students in math, economics, accounting, finance and other...

1 year ago

I will do i will do and not do i will do i will do and not do i will do i will do and not do i will do i will do and not do i will do i will do...

5 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Arts

I like to teach students.I am giving tution from last two years.students like my way of teaching.

4 months ago
Bachelors, Arts (Psychology)

I have been teaching college students in various subjects for 9 years now. Besides, I have been tutoring online with several tutoring companies...

18 days ago
Masters, Sociology

Currently a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Since 2013 I have been constantly engaging with the discipline of Sociology, Social...

3 months ago
Bachelors (Hons), History

Although neither formally taught how to teach as a whole, my experience with tutoring classmates is quite extensive. Throughout high school and...

4 months ago
Bachelors, Technology

Hello, I am a graduate in Mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. After which, I secured All India Rank 65 in Graduate Aptitude Test of...

9 months ago
Masters (MS), Urban Environmental...

EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS Teaching English as a Foreign Language, October 2016 TEFL Professional Development Institute...

5 months ago
Bachelors, Civil Engineering

I am giving students home tutions for their academic growth. I was head of the class during my college while pursuing bachelor degree in civil...

1 month ago
Masters (MA), Sociology

Has worked with multiple Govt. Agencies such as "National Human Rights Commission " (NHRC) and V.V. Giri National Labour Institute Under the...

5 months ago
Bachelors, Arts

I completed my undergraduate studies in 2016 graduating with a Bachelor's in Arts majoring in mathematics and economics. Following my...

2 months ago

Scholastic Achievements IIT-JEE 2012 Rank – 137 | AIEEE 2012 Rank – 57 |Mathematics Olympiad Rank-28 | KVPY & NTSE Subject Expertise:...

8 months ago
Masters, Technology

Iam pranay deep i have compleated my graduation in civil engineering and i have compleated my masters in structural engineering and present iam...

5 months ago
Doctorate, Business Management

I am providing full time mentoring and tutoring services in Business Finance, Contemporary issue in Global Economy, Quantitative Techniques,...

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