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11 hours ago
Bachelors, Bio-Statistics
I am a professional Statistician and Project Research writer. I am looking forward to getting mostly statistical work including data management...
3 hours ago
High School Diploma, COMMUNITY HEALTH...
I have worked on several other sites for more than five years, and I always handle clients work with due diligence and professionalism. Am...
8 days ago
Bachelors, Molecular Biology
I am a Biochemistry by profession. However, I have explored different fields of study. My quest to explore new fields has helped me gain new...
2 days ago
Bachelors, Food Science And Technology
I am an experienced and highly motivated writer with a passion for the skills listed. I have a proven track record of my expertise and my aim is...
2 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Biochemistry(molecular...
I am a graduate from Kenya. I managed to score one of the highest levels in my BS. I have experience in academic writing since I have been...
1 day ago
Bachelors (BS), Science
I am a highly experienced writer in several areas, Business management Information technology Business administration Literature ...
7 days ago
Masters (MS), Public Health
I am a competent and an experienced writer with impeccable research and analytical skills. I am capable of producing quality content promptly....
21 days ago
I am a wild researcher and I guarantee you a well written paper that is plagiarism free. I am a good time manager and hence you are assured that...
16 days ago
Masters, Psychology
The main thing which I always consider during my tutoring is that to explain concepts according to student mind s' level not my educational and...
2 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Bachelors Of Science In...
During the past several years, I have worked alongside numerous educational organizations aimed at providing accessible science education to the...
1 day ago
Masters, M.Sc. Microbiology
I have extensive subject knowledge of Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology,...
14 hours ago
Bachelors (BS), Microbiology
I have always been a keen and knowledge seeking person. I believe the best way we can grow our knowledge is by transmitting it to others. This...
12 hours ago
Masters, Microbiology
I'm pursuing M.Sc. (Hons.) in Microbiology from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India. I would love to help you out in different...
19 hours ago
Bachelors, Science
I have completed my graduation that is BSc.and now I am doing my masters in microbiology.I think science is my strength I love science and love...
2 days ago
Masters, Botany
I am a post graduate in botany, anfd I have a good knowledge in plant anatomy, taxonomy, biochemistry,cell and molecular biology and...
2 days ago
Masters (MS), Zoology
I have been working as a high school science teacher, but I wanna connect with huge number of students to solve their problems in Biology...
2 days ago
Bachelors, Science
I have experience with online tutoring for a few months. During my time with online tutoring, I have understood the different aspects of the...
10 days ago
BS, Chemistry
I am currently studying towards my Master of Chemistry after graduating a Cum Laude for my Chemistry Honours and another Cum Laude for my BSc...
1 day ago
Doctorate, Biology
I have completed my masters from One of the prestigious biotechnology institutes of India, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. During...
2 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Botany(honours)
I'm teaching students as private tutor from last 2 years Teaching math & science & advance biology in higher level

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