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BBA, Management & Economics
1,857 Reviews

Taking care of the smaller details in life has a larger impact in our general well being, and that is what i believe in. My name is Carol....

Bachelors (BS), Biochemistry(molecular...
107 Reviews

I am a graduate from Kenya. I managed to score one of the highest levels in my BS. I have experience in academic writing since I have been...

Masters (MA), History
2 Reviews

I have a teaching experience of more than 4 years by now in diverse subjects like History,Geography,Political Science,Sociology,Business...

Masters (MA), History
No Reviews

I, Ramesh Kumar, have completed my Masters in Political Science & History from Punjabi University, Patiala. I have been teaching these subjects...

Masters, Commerce
No Reviews

My greatest passion in life is teaching. I was born and raised in India, and experienced great success at school and at university due to...

Solteros, International Studies
No Reviews

I studied at the Santa Maria University in Caracas Venezuela, I have experience tutoring and helping other students at the academic level and...

Bachelors (BA), Arts
No Reviews

I am working as a tutor from past 15 years and I have taught at least 50 to 60 students till now. I am a tutor of all subjects. You find that my...

High School Diploma, Science
No Reviews

I have some tutoring experience my self. I tutored many students in the past. I have even tutored my own brother, in conclusion I am experienced...

I am an enthusiastic writer with a clean, crisp style. As a stay at home dad to my two daughters, I have a flexible schedule and am able to...

Bachelors (BA), Arts
No Reviews

I've tutored professionally and casually for 4 years, plus I did peer tutoring in both High school and university

Masters (MA), History
No Reviews

I completed my Masters in History, at California State University, Fullerton, in May 2016. I was a graduate assistant for the history department...

Bachelors (BA), Arts (Hons) History
No Reviews

I am a hardworking and driven undergraduate student from the UK, majoring in history at the University of St Andrews. I have tutored for...

MS, Accounting
12 Reviews

As a tutor, my focus is to help communicate and break down difficult concepts in a way that allows students greater accessibility and...

Bachelors (BS), Finance
No Reviews

I am a competent as well as a proficient academic writer who deliver original content promptly. I have adequate knowledge and skills on...

Bachelors (Hons), History
No Reviews

Although neither formally taught how to teach as a whole, my experience with tutoring classmates is quite extensive. Throughout high school and...

Bachelors, Civil Engineering
No Reviews

I am giving students home tutions for their academic growth. I was head of the class during my college while pursuing bachelor degree in civil...

BS, Bsc Computer Science
No Reviews

I am a passionate essay writer, with seven years' worth of experience in writing for different online companies as well as individuals who were...

Bachelors (BA), Law
No Reviews

David Edet is a private attorney and consultant. He is a proficient writer, editor, and litigation expert. David has over 3 years extensive...

No Reviews

Scholastic Achievements IIT-JEE 2012 Rank – 137 | AIEEE 2012 Rank – 57 |Mathematics Olympiad Rank-28 | KVPY & NTSE Subject Expertise:...

Masters, Curriculum And Instruction
No Reviews

I have working online and face to face for a number of years. More often than not, I work with students in a variety of topics, but usually...

Bachelors (BA), Philosophy
No Reviews

In senior school, in the UK, I was a peer tutor at my school. Basically this meant that I would have weekly sessions with groups of students...

Masters (MS), Communications
No Reviews

MSc. in Global Strategic Communications, Masters in Mass Communications from FIU; Art Direction, Copy Writing, Digital Marketing from Miami Ad...

Bachelors, Commerce
No Reviews

I have been a professional tutor for more than five years now. My students are from all across the world. I hold extensive academic portfolio...

Bachelor's Degree In History,
No Reviews

I completed my graduation in history, politics and english from University of Calcutta. After completing my graduation in India, I moved to...

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