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8 days ago
Bachelors, Molecular Biology
I am a Biochemistry by profession. However, I have explored different fields of study. My quest to explore new fields has helped me gain new...
3 days ago
Bachelors, Food Science And Technology
I am an experienced and highly motivated writer with a passion for the skills listed. I have a proven track record of my expertise and my aim is...
3 days ago
Bachelors, Science
If you are looking for exceptional academic and non-academic work feel free to consider my expertise and you will not regret. I have enough...
2 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Biochemistry(molecular...
I am a graduate from Kenya. I managed to score one of the highest levels in my BS. I have experience in academic writing since I have been...
1 day ago
Bachelors (BS), Science
I am a highly experienced writer in several areas, Business management Information technology Business administration Literature ...
2 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemical Engineering
I am a professional Process/Mechanical engineer having a vast 7 years experience in process industry as well as in academic studies as a...
7 days ago
Masters (MS), Public Health
I am a competent and an experienced writer with impeccable research and analytical skills. I am capable of producing quality content promptly....
1 month ago
Bachelors, Electrical And Electronic...
I have been working as a tutor for the last five years. I always help students to learn and understand concepts that appears challenging to...
6 days ago
Bachelors, B E
I am a computer science undergraduate students. I have 2 months tutoring experience in probability wnd statistics and 3 months experience in...
Bachelors, Natural Resources Management
Having graduated with a bachelor's degree in Natural resources management in 2016, I followed my passion for being an impact to other people by...
15 days ago
Masters (MS), Electrical Engineering
I have done MS in Electrical Engineering from Pakistan's top ranked university and world's top 200 ranked university NUST. I have been teaching...
1 day ago
Masters, Science
I am a chemistry lover right from my graduation I am in love with chemistry I am reading and teaching chemistry from last 12 yrs and love...
21 hours ago
Masters (MS), Biochemistry
I have a very good teaching experience in Biology. I am tutoring students from 5 years. Currently I am working as a Lecturer in Biology. I have...
19 hours ago
Masters, Organic Chemistry
Masters in Chemistry with good academic performance . excellent in Chemistry , strong questions solving ability,hardworking.I more than 2 years...
9 minutes ago
Masters, Microbiology
I'm pursuing M.Sc. (Hons.) in Microbiology from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India. I would love to help you out in different...
4 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
8 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Chemistry
I am the Teaching Assistant in my college to the Professors of courses like Data Structures and Algorithms where I help in designing new...
6 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Science
I have done my chemistry honours in 2008 & done my chemical engineering in the year 2011.I have above 10 years experience in teaching &...
12 hours ago
Masters, Science
I have done my graduation from University of Delhi in Chemistry (Hons.) And post graduation in chemistry from IIT MADRAS. I like making...
4 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemistry
I have been teaching students of class 11 and class 12 since two year still happier share helping hands who need it. I had completed my...

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