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Bachelors (BA), Arts
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I am working as a tutor from past 15 years and I have taught at least 50 to 60 students till now. I am a tutor of all subjects. You find that my...

Bachelors (BS), Computer Engineering
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He has experience in teaching programming languages, mathematical teaching and web design, taught classes as an hourly tutor in city courses....

Doctorate, Ph.D. In Physics
1 Reviews

I have recently received the degree of PhD. In Physics by the Universidade Federal do Maranhão after spending a term in Durham University, as I...

Masters, Electronic Health And...
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All my work experiences has entailed students contacts and the tools and techniques have acquired applied directly to what a tutor...

Bachelors (BS), Oil Engineer
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I'm an oil engineer who has been working as a math and a spanish tutor for the past 5 years, teaching to college students of the US and the UK....

Bachelors (BS), Computer Engineering
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I am graduated in computer engineering and I've been working as a freelancer online tutor since 2015, focusing on math, science and grammar...

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