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1 day ago
Bachelors, Information Technology
I am a research and academic writer whose work is outstanding. I always have my customer's interests at heart. Time is an important factor in...
6 days ago
Masters (MS), Information Management
I hold M.Sc and M.Phil degrees in mathematics from CCS University, India and also have a MS degree in information management from Asian...
10 days ago
Masters, Computer Application
I have completed B.Sc in mathematics and Master in Computer Science.
9 days ago
Bachelors (BA), B.I.C.T
Hey, there, paying attention to detail is one of my strong points, i do my very best combined with passion. i enjoy researching since the net is...
3 days ago
BS, Computer Science
I am a computer scientist specializing in database management, OS, networking, and software development. I have a knack for database work,...
1 day ago
Bachelors (BS), Computer Science
Currently working as software engineer at govt. university. I started professional work in 2013 as computer programmer. In very first year...
1 hour ago
Bachelors (BS), Technology
Currently pursuing my bachelor's in computer science degree from India, REVA University. I am in the final year of my completion. I have tutored...
28 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Computer Science And...
I believe in quality work and customer satisfaction. So, I can assure you that you will get quality work from me when you hire me. Let's work...
4 days ago
Bachelors (Hons), Chemical Engineering
I am a chemical engineering Major from BITS Pilani, which is one of the premier institutions for engineering in India. Around 2 lacs students...
7 days ago
Post-bachelor, Technology
As a tutor, I have many experiences in mentoring and teaching students from diverse backgrounds. For example, in my college days, I taught and...
14 hours ago
Bachelors, Technology
I believe, to aim for excellence is the key to success of all kinds. This has always helped whether it was in my academic score (a 97.25...
58 minutes ago
Associate, Bachelor Of Chemical...
I am a good student in my hs exam i had 92% marks and qualifying wbjee entrance to get a chance of study in jadavpur university as a chemical...
4 days ago
Bachelors(Hons), Computer Science
I have tutored a lot of my friends and other students from my university , I help them out with their assignments.I always walk them through the...
58 minutes ago
Masters, Robot Systems
I am a masters graduate in robotics and I am primarily interested in applying AI techniques in robotics. For my master thesis, I worked on...
17 hours ago
Bachelors (BS), Mathematics
I Completed secondary and higher secondary exam with score 91.45% and 80.15% respectively. I did my graduation(B.Sc.- Mathematics(Principal),...
1 day ago
Bachelors (Hons), Electrical
Being a part of the industry for over 3 years after my bachelor from IIT Kanpur in 2017, I come with the perks of having real-time inputs of a...
2 days ago
Bachelors(Hons), Science
I graduated from Delhi University in 2019 and Currently pursuing M.Voc in Entrepreneurship Development to get an out of the box experience in...
1 hour ago
Bachelors, Computer Engineering
I can express in detail about the solution for programming questions based on various programming languages like JAVA, PYTHON, C++, C and also...
3 hours ago
Masters (MS), Information Systems
I was a full time Lecturer for more than 3 years. Taught introductory Computer Science and programming courses. And also, assisted students...
18 hours ago
Bachelors, Computer Science Engineering
I have been teaching since my 10th std back then at home with my mom and during my college I have taught there to too my juniors. speaking of my...

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