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18 hours ago
Bachelors, Engineering
I am an extremely self-motivated person who firmly believes in his abilities. With high sensitivity to task and operating parameters, deadlines...
2 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemical Engineering
I am a professional Process/Mechanical engineer having a vast 7 years experience in process industry as well as in academic studies as a...
20 hours ago
Bachelors (BS), Information Technology
I always had the will to share the knowledge that I possess with others,but due to lack of opportunities I was unable to do so,I once did an...
7 hours ago
Bachelors (BS), Business Management And...
I am a detailed and thorough professional writer with 5 years of administrative experience- the last 2 years in academic writing and virtual...
8 days ago
Doctorate, Ph.D. In Physics
I have recently received the degree of PhD. In Physics by the Universidade Federal do Maranhão after spending a term in Durham University, as I...
1 day ago
Masters, Thermal Engineering
Let’s start with my education, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indus University Ahmedabad in 2018. While...
2 days ago
Masters, Manufacturing Engineering
From 2013 to now i continuing my Lecturing experience in various fields of mechanical engineering in Private Engineering college under the...
8 hours ago
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering
I am mechanical engineer with 28 years experience in fabrication. I love teaching about welding and fabrication related processes. I am good at...
17 hours ago
Masters (MS), Technology
During my Post-graduation days(2014-16), I worked as a teaching assistant and used to give extra classes on the hostel premises. After finishing...
11 hours ago
Bachelors, Engineering
I have completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering from M.B.M. Engineering college(jodhpur). I tutored mostly elementary school students privately...
16 hours ago
Masters, Physics
Ever since cracking one of the toughest entrance exams in India the 'JEE' I have been determined enough to help students who are not able to get...
1 day ago
I have done Mtech in Manufacturing Technology from NIT , Trichy and done B.E in Mechanical Engineering from university of Pune ,also Qualified...
7 hours ago
Masters, Technology
I'm an e-tutor since September 2018, and I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering & currently, I'm doing Masters of...
1 day ago
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering
I am passionate about teaching, Because i love to teach students of different grades. I take regular feedback from my students which will help...
1 day ago
Masters, Science
I am a chemistry lover right from my graduation I am in love with chemistry I am reading and teaching chemistry from last 12 yrs and love...
6 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Science
I have done my chemistry honours in 2008 & done my chemical engineering in the year 2011.I have above 10 years experience in teaching &...
4 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemistry
I have been teaching students of class 11 and class 12 since two year still happier share helping hands who need it. I had completed my...
21 hours ago
Bachelors, Technology
I am a student from JNTUACEP.
7 hours ago
Bachelors, Aerospace Engineering
In high school(class12) i got 94.4/100.After that i cleared IITJee (an exam to get into IITs in India). Currently i am completing my graduation ...
3 days ago
Bachelors, Electrical Engineering
I have got an all India rank of 3,000 in IIT JEE exam in mains. Got selected in Indian institute of technology (IIT BHUBANESWAR) . Helped so...

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