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20 hours ago
Post-bachelor, Lenguas Modernas...
I have worked with very different types of students, from little kids to bussines men and women. I have thaught at universities, schools, but...
10 days ago
Doctorate, Biotechnology
I have being tutoring formally and informally for some years now. My informal tutoring includes several 'push-up' assignments that I take up to...
8 days ago
Bachelors (BA), Technology
I have completed graduation in 2019 and worked as part time tutor for further studies
3 months ago
Doctorate, Mathematics And Statistics
I have more than 10 years experience in tutoring mathematics. I have taught in Georgia State University for 4 years and I am currently teaching...
4 months ago
Bachelors, Bachelor Of Technology
I have been teaching students for almost 9 years now. Initially, I started as a part-time teacher for under-privileged students while I was...
1 month ago
Masters (MS), Management Information...
I have over 22 years of teaching experience, teaching students of all ages. I have experience teaching Business, Computer Applications, Math and...
2 months ago
Masters, Masters Public Administration
I'm an accomplished professional with experience in the realms of public service, the private sector, and education. I've served in the U.S....
1 month ago
Masters (MA), Adult Education And...
I am a native of the United States and I presently live in the state of Georgia. I have a Master's Degree in Education with a speciality in...
2 months ago
Masters, Master Of Science Education
I have tutored for many years one-on-one and in group settings. I have tutored English, Spanish, writing, and SAT Prep.

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