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2 days ago
Masters (MS), Marketing
I don't have professional teaching experience, but, I have experience in local tutoring. By local tutoring, I mean, teaching the children from...
4 days ago
Bachelors(Hons), Computing
Since i have a good experience in Web Development, i have achieved many goals such as Analyzing Data and present it as charts using jQuery ,...
4 days ago
Bachelors (BA), BA
I have almost three years of experience in teaching the economics of classes 11 and 12 . I assist students in learning and understanding various...
10 days ago
Bachelors(Hons), Computer Science &...
I completed my BE CSE with passion, i love Computer Science Engineering like anything. I have taken so many Seminars, presented, published...
1 month ago
Bachelors (BS), Computer Science And...
I believe in quality work and customer satisfaction. So, I can assure you that you will get quality work from me when you hire me. Let's work...
28 days ago
Masters (MS), Computer Systems Security
My background as an educator has followed two distinct tracks. On the academic side, I did unstructured tutoring of Computer Science topics in...
24 days ago
Bachelors, B. Tech In Mechanical...
Technically-savvy design engineer experienced in the research, development, design and manufacturing of Mechanical & Architectural Products....
7 months ago
Bachelors, Technology
I have an experience of almost 9 years in tutoring. I believe in conceptually contributing to a student and not just help them with the...
11 months ago
BE(Software Engineer )
It's always better to less talk and do your work and get skilled by own performance.
5 months ago
Associate, Arts
I am a student at Eastern Gateway Community College pursuing my Associates in Arts. After I receive my degree, I will be studying at The Ohio...
7 months ago
Masters (MS), Computer And Forensic...
I am a Knowledgeable wordsmith with a unique ability to combine technical know-how and effective written communication techniques. Reliable and...
1 year ago
Masters (MS), Communications
MSc. in Global Strategic Communications, Masters in Mass Communications from FIU; Art Direction, Copy Writing, Digital Marketing from Miami Ad...
2 months ago
Bachelors, Technology
I have tutored few students in my home back at high school. Now, since I have started working as a Software Engineer, I like to teach people...
6 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Technology
Hey there, I am a Computer Science Engineer from National Institute of Technology Arunachal Pradesh. I have worked on lots of projects in the...
1 month ago
Bachelors, Engineering
I am an engineer. I had worked for online q&a website before.
2 months ago
Bachelors (BS), Information Systems
I have a high school certificate from university of cambridge. I am currently studying Bsc information systems at the university of Mauritius....
6 months ago
Bachelors, Computer Science
During my final year of Engineering, Group of us was mentoring and guiding juniors on the problems they were facing with the learning curve, I...
2 months ago
Masters (MS), Computer Application
Teaching should be done with passion. If the students are happy at the end of the day, so am I. If not happy, I must have missed something. I...
1 month ago
Masters (MS), Marketing
As a professional with more than 1000 unique custom essays completed in different academic fields, I am an excellent essay writer that values...
5 months ago
Masters (MS), Science
Very honnest, hard working.know my work very offen .maintaining in time explanation .thank you

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