Vanguard Corporation is a distributor of food products. The corporation

Vanguard Corporation is a distributor of food products. The corporation has approximately 1,000 stockholders, and its stock, which is traded €œover-the-counter,€ is sold throughout 2014 at about $7 a share with little fluctuation. The corporation€™s balance sheet at December 31, 2013, follows.

Vanguard Corporation is a distributor of food products. The corporation

Information concerning the corporation and its activities during 2014 follows:
1. Sales for the year were $15,650,000. The gross profit percentage for the year was 30% of sales. Merchandise purchases and freight-in totaled $10,905,000. Depreciation and other expenses do not enter into cost of goods sold.
2. Administrative, selling, and general expenses (including provision for state taxes) other than interest, depreciation, and provision for doubtful accounts amounted to $2,403,250.
3. The December 31, 2014, accounts receivable amounted to $3,350,000, and the corporation maintains an allowance for doubtful accounts equal to 3% of the accounts receivable outstanding. During the year $50,000 of 2013 receivables were deemed uncollectible and charged off to the allowance account.
4. The rate of depreciation of fixed assets is 13% per annum, and the corporation consistently follows the policy of taking one-half year€™s depreciation in the year of acquisition. The depreciation expense for 2014 was $474,500.
5. The notes are payable in 20 equal quarterly installments commencing March 31, 2014, with interest at 5% per annum also payable quarterly.
6. Accounts payable and accrued liabilities at December 31, 2014, were $2,221,000.
7. The balance of the 2013 federal income tax paid in 2014 was in exact agreement with the amount accrued on the December 31, 2013, balance sheet.
8. The 2014 estimated tax payments made in 2014 totaled $400,000. Income tax expense for 2014 on an accrual accounting basis was $530,000.
9. During the second month of each quarter of 2014, dividends of $0.10 a share were declared and paid. In addition, in July 2014, a 5% stock dividend was declared and paid.

Prepare the following statements in good form and support them by well-organized and developed computations for the year ending December 31, 2014:
a. Balance sheet
b. Incomestatement

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