You are a manager with Doman & Detmer, a mid-sized local accounting firm. You have been with the firm for


You are a manager with Doman & Detmer, a mid-sized local accounting firm. You have been with the firm for six years. Currently, you are working on the McMahon Company audit engagement. You are supervising a team of seven staff and senior accountants. Your direct supervisor, Giff Nielsen, is the partner in charge of the engagement. You were involved with the economic analysis of McMahon Company that was undertaken during the audit planning stage. A number of indicators suggest that McMahon has suffered a substantial downturn in its business this year. Accordingly, you are being very careful to see whether this downturn is properly reflected in the reported financial statement numbers. In scrutinizing McMahon’s sales near the end of the fiscal year, your audit team has detected a number of suspicious transactions. It appears that McMahon has shipped goods without receiving customer purchase orders. In addition, in several cases in which McMahon has received purchase orders, the goods shipped were two or three times the quantity ordered. Your audit team thinks that McMahon has been engaging in “channel stuffing,” which is the shipment of excess goods to customers in order to boost reported sales in the current period. You have taken the findings of your audit team to Giff Nielsen, the partner in charge of the audit, and have suggested that substantial additional audit tests be conducted to find out whether McMahon has in fact engaged in channel stuffing. Nielsen instructed you to ignore the channel stuffing evidence and proceed with the rest of the audit program. Nielsen is concerned about keeping the staff hours under budget on this engagement. In addition, Nielsen doesn’t want to upset the senior management team of McMahon. McMahon’s controller has already expressed some concern over the level of detailed testing that the Doman & Detmer audit team has conducted this year. McMahon’s controller has hinted that McMahon is shopping around for a new auditor for next year. Because McMahon is one of the largest clients of Doman & Detmer, Giff Nielsen is afraid that his future with Doman & Detmer will be bleak if he loses McMahon as a client. What should you do with the channel stuffing evidence assembled by your audit team?

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