1. Charles asks you, What is an entity, a table, a field, and a record? He also...


1. Charles asks you, “What is an entity, a table, a field, and a record?” He also wants to know the different between primary key, candidate keys, foreign keys, secondary keys, and combination keys.
2. After looking at the ERD you developed, Charles asks you to explain the crow’s foot notation symbols he sees on the diagram.
3. Charles says that he has heard of data normalization, but does not understand it. He wants you to explain it to him.
4. Charles also wants to know what kind of codes you plan to use. How would you answer him? Before you make a final decision about codes, are there any questions that you might want to ask Charles? Explain your answer.

CM Builders is a regional building contractor specializing in multi-family residential buildings including condominiums, town homes, and apartments. Charles Manville, the owner, hired you as an IT consultant to design a new relational database system for his business. As a small business owner, Charles is very involved in the operation of his business and wants to know more about the new computer system. How would you respond to Charles when he asks the following questions? Try to use terms that most business owners would understand clearly.

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