1. Describe what would encourage you to invest in real

1. Describe what would encourage you to invest in real estate given that in recent years many communities’ prices have declined severely.

2. Which of the two questions in real estate investing is more important? Explain why.

3. Review the five beneficial tax treatments of real estate and explain which one seems most important to you as a real estate investor.

4. Assume you have $30,000 in cash. Give reasons why you might want to invest that money in a real estate investment. Offer two reasons why others might not be willing to invest in real estate.

5. Do you think you could successfully deal with tenants and the management demands required in real estate investing? Why or why not?

6. Review the list of “Disadvantages of Real Estate Investing,” and identify one that you think is most important. Explain why.

7. Explain why timeshares should not be considered an investment. Why do some people buy timeshares?

8. What percentage of your portfolio, if any, do you think should be invested in alternative investments? Explain.

9. Would you invest in gold today? Explain why or why not.

10. Both options and futures are risky investments. Identify one that seems like an unwise idea, and explain why it is unappealing.


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