1) In what ways is our rationality bounded? Discuss the aspects that are bounded in our judgment...


1) In what ways is our rationality bounded? Discuss the aspects that are bounded in our judgment and how they are bounded.
2) What affects whether system 1 thinking or system 2 thinking will occur? What are the conditions which make the use of one system more likely than the use of the other?
3) What is the planning fallacy and when is it the most likely to occur?
4) Why do many argue that over placement is more problematic than under placement?
5) In many organizations, the most competent employees are usually poor in tutoring subordinates and new employees. Indicate the bias that is responsible for this phenomenon and explain how this phenomenon occurs.
6) Which bias accounts for the "sophomore jinx" phenomenon, in which athletes who did exceptionally well in their rookie season usually follow with a disappointing second season? Explain the reason for this phenomenon.
7) When trying to generate an accurate probability assessment, why is it better to consider all possible outcomes to a problem than to consider each possible outcome separately?
8) Describe the main difference between the bounded awareness of individuals and the bounded awareness of groups.
9) According to the Multiple-Selves theory, what is the subject of disagreement between the two "selves"?
10) Describe one proposed approach to dealing with the conflict between the "want" self and the "should" self.
11) How can an organization change its reward scheme to discourage the preference of impression management over high-quality decision making?
12) Why is it so hard for managers to internalize the sunk-cost concept when making decisions?
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