1. What are the challenges faced by the CIOs mentioned

1. What are the challenges faced by the CIOs mentioned in the case? Group them into categories and use examples from the case to define each.
2. The case mentions that the traditional approach toward emerging countries had been to develop technology in the corporate offices and then hand them down to satellite operations. How has that changed, as discussed in the case?
3. “IT is one of the most globally integrated corporate functions.” How is IT different from other business areas when it comes to global integration? Why do you think this is the case?

Wayne Shurts had no experience overseeing IT operations in emerging markets when Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer appointed him global CIO the summer of 2009. The geographic parameters of Shurts’s responsibilities at the sweets maker—with a presence everywhere from Pakistan to Palau—multiplied overnight. The former CIO for North America now spends most of his time globe-trotting from his home base in Parsippany, New Jersey, to London headquarters to operations on six continents.


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