1. What direct tests will be performed on the stool

1. What direct tests will be performed on the stool sample?
2. What culture and isolation tests will be performed on the stool sample?
3. What other tests may be performed after isolating Salmonella from your stool sample?
4. The lab technician tells you that in addition to a complete blood count (CBC), the blood sample will be used to test for levels of IgM antibody against Salmonella. What test will be performed to detect antibodies in your blood?

Scenario: You’re still not quite back to normal after your bout with Salmonella, and your mother convinces you to go to the doctor. After taking your history and doing an examination, the doctor fills out paperwork for you to have some lab work done, concerned that you might have been infected with a particularly virulent strain of Salmonella. When you look at the paperwork, you notice that you will have to give a stool sample and have some blood drawn. As a microbiology student studying chapter 17 in this textbook, you’re interested in what tests will be done. When you go into the lab clinic to have the tests performed, you ask the technician about the tests they will perform on your blood andstool.


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