1. What evidence was presented in this case that the

1. What evidence was presented in this case that the staff members from different units at Tymco might have become better acquainted.
2. What should Maria do next to improve the chances that the home rehab day results in genuine team development?
3. What evidence is presented in this case that the home rehab day did give a boost to team spirit?
4. How valid is Ian’s comment about replacing shingles having no particular impact on becoming a better team player?

Fifteen years ago Maria Cortez was working as a freelance writer of technical manuals for a variety of companies. The manuals supported a number of products including household appliances, alarm systems, lawnmowers, and tractors. Soon Cortez’s freelance activity became more than she could handle, so she subcontracted work to one other freelancer, and then another, and then another. Two years later, Cortez founded Tymco and the firm has grown steadily. The company now provides technical manuals, training and development, and foreign language translation and interpreting.


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