1. What is the role of trust in business? How

1. What is the role of trust in business? How does trust relate to stakeholder interests? How does trust engender ethical leadership? Evaluate Mark Hurd’s actions in this case from a trust perspective.
2. Define conflict of interests in a business sense. How does Hurd’s actions and relationship with Jodie Fisher in the case create a conflict of interest? Did the conflict of interest and trust issue contribute the possibility that sexual harassment may have existed? Why or why not?
3. Leo Apotheker, the former CEO of HP who succeeded Mark Hurd, resigned in September 2011, after just 11 months on the job--but he left with a $13.2 million severance package. Hurd left with a package between $40 million and $50 million. What is the role of a severance package in hiring a CEO? Do you think the size of the severance package given to Hurd was ethical? Does the Hurd case affect your views about the ‘say on pay’ rule?