1. What’s your reaction to these events? Do you think your

1. What’s your reaction to these events? Do you think your reaction is influenced by the culture, values, and traditions of the country in which you find yourself? Explain.
2. Look at what Hofstede’s and the GLOBE findings say about France. How would you explain these workers’ actions given these findings?
3. We’ve said that it’s important for managers to be aware of external environmental forces, especially in global settings. Discuss this statement in light of the events described.
4. What might the French managers have done differently leading up to the point at which workers felt they needed to take their managers hostage in order to be heard? Explain.
5. Do you think something like this could happen in the United States? Why or why not?

Hostage and manager. These are two words that you would not usually expect to hear spoken in the same breath. However, during the first few months of 2009, workers at manufacturing facilities of 3M Company, Sony Corporation, and Caterpillar Inc. in France took managers hostage. Why? To negotiate better severance packages and benefits for laid-off employees.


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