(a) Figure 5.7 includes a map and cross-section

(a) Figure 5.7 includes a map and cross-section of a part of Grand Banks, Newfoundland, and the adjacent sea floor. On November 8, 1929, an earthquake occurred here, causing a huge submarine landslide and the subsequent breakage of several trans-Atlantic telegraph cables on the sea floor. Most geologists believe the landslide incorporated water as it moved downslope and became a turbidity current. Calculate the approximate speed of the current between points H and I, I and J, J and K, and K and L, in nautical miles per hour (i.e., knots). (1 nmi = 1.15 ml = 1.85 km.) Please read the figure legend before attempting to answer the question. You will need a ruler to accurately measure the distance along the scale at the bottom of the diagram.


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