Code of Honor
The goal of this code is to make SolutionInn’s communication system as safe and professional as possible. It is important, as a SolutionInn tutor that you know and follow your obligations, while using the SolutionInn platform, so that you can succeed and thrive on the platform.

SolutionInn offers tutors a great deal of benefits such as:
1) help building your reputation as a tutor,
2) secure money transactions,
3) privacy,
4) freedom to work where you chose, whenever you choose, etc.

Tutors on SolutionInn are expected to comply with all SolutionInn’s Terms of Service and Code of Honor. The failure to comply with SolutionInn’s Terms of Service or Code of Honor can result in account suspension and penalty fees. The following are the violations that must not be conducted at all times.


1.Sharing Contact Information

As a tutor on SolutionInn, you are not allowed to share your personal contact information with students. Tutors are strictly prohibited from accepting off portal jobs or payments from their SolutionInn customers. If a customer proposes to pay you outside of SolutionInn, please decline and let us know.If we find that any tutor is sharing their personal contact information through chat, workspace messages, or any other means, then you will face the following repercussions:
1) A One-week suspension of your account
2) A $150 violation fee, which will be charged from pending earnings and account balance.

If tutors connect with customers outside of the SolutionInn platform, they are taking customers out of the system. It is pertinent that tutors always receive payment though SolutionInn, so that we can continue to ensure your safety and privacy, as well as grant you access to eager students that are ready to learn.

If you notice unsafe, inaccurate, or against policy behavior, do not hesitate to flag a post as “inappropriate” or contact customer service. Together, we can maintain a safe, professional, and educational online portal.

Disclaimer: In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any sort of arrangement between customer and tutor other than from the use of this website.

2. Renegotiating Price after getting Hired

Payments through SolutionInn are safe, timely, and hassle-free. At SolutionInn, we require that all payments go through our platform ensuring that fixed-price contracts are properly paid.
If a customer suggests that you accept a payment outside of SolutionInn, report it to us immediately. Likewise, if you, as a tutor, accept or demand payment outside of the platform, you will be reported, as we encourage customers to report such activity.

Also, it is a violation for tutors to request extra money, after accepting a job. It is pertinent that you read all the requirements of a job, prior to accepting it. It is prohibited to renegotiate the monetary details of an accepted job.

Sending or receiving payment directly is considered circumvention of our platform, and is a violation of SolutionInn’s Terms of Service. If anyone engages in circumvention of our Terms of Service, it will result in account suspension and a monetary penalty. SolutionInn staff will investigate and may take the following actions appropriately.
1) A One-week suspension of your account
2) A $100 violation fee, which will be charged from pending earnings and account balance.

3. One Person Operating Multiple Accounts

As a SolutionInn tutor, you are only permitted to operate one account. Students that sign-up with SolutionInn are placing a great deal of trust in not only the company but in you as a tutor. They expect an authentic tutor to be guiding them through their studies. By violating this trust and masquerading as multiple people, the user will:

1) Have each of their extra accounts be terminated so only one remains.
2) Not be able to withdraw earnings from the terminated accounts.

Note: If a student is unhappy with the work done by a tutor on a question, they are allowed to request a refund that the SolutionInn team will deem necessary or not. SolutionInn encourages the student and tutor to come to a mutually beneficial agreement about what would be fair as a refund. A student may request a partial or full refund within 15 days after the last time the tutor shared work with the student. This 15-day period should be used by the student to come up with a case of objections to the work provided by the tutor. A student may not raise a dispute or ask for a refund if the period of 15 days has passed or if the payment has already been released to the tutor. Find out more about the dispute resolution policy here.