Develop a use case diagram for the dental clinic. Part

Develop a use case diagram for the dental clinic. Part a. Based on the following descriptions; list the use cases and actors.
The receptionist keeps track of patient and head-of household information, and will enter this information in the system. The receptionist will also keep track of office visits by the patients. Patient information is also entered and maintained by the office business manager. In addition, the business manager maintains the information about the dental staff.
The business manager also prints the invoices. Patient invoices are printed monthly and sent to the head of household. Insurance invoices are printed weekly. When the invoices are printed, the business manager double checks a few invoices against information in the system to make sure it is being aggregated correctly. She also enters the payment information when it is received.
Dental staffs are responsible for entering information about the dental procedures they perform. The business manager also prints an overdue invoice report that shows heads of household who are behind on their payments. Sometimes dentists like to see a list of the procedures they performed during a week or month, and they can request that report. Part b. Given your list of use cases and actors, develop a use case diagram.
Part c. Expand the use case diagram you have developed based on a CRUD analysis of the class diagram you developed in the previous problem.


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