For each item on the following list, select the method

For each item on the following list, select the method that will provide proper sterilization of the item without destroying the material or product. You cannot use the same method more than three times. After considering a workable method, think of one method that would not work. Where an object containing something is given, you must sterilize everything (e.g., both the jar and the Vaseline in it). Some examples of methods are autoclave, ethylene oxide gas, dry oven, and ionizing radiation.
• Room air
• A vial of influenza vaccine
• A pot of soil
• Plastic petri dishes
• Cloth dressings
• Soiled bedding and clothing from an infected patient
• A cheese sandwich
• Green beans for consumption
• Carcasses of cows infected with “mad cow” disease
• Inside of a refrigerator
• Apple juice
• A jar of vaseline
• Fruit in plastic bags
• Human hair (for wigs)
• A flask of nutrient agar
• An entire room (walls, floor, etc.)
• Rubber gloves
• Disposable syringes
• Metal surgical instruments
• Mail contaminated with anthrax spores


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