For the following independent situations, assume that you are the audit partner on the engagement: 1. Intelligis


For the following independent situations, assume that you are the audit partner on the engagement:
1. Intelligis Electronics is a manufacturer of advanced electrical components. During the year, changes in the market resulted in a significant decrease in the demand for their products, which are now being sold significantly below cost. Management refuses to write-off the products or to increase the reserve for obsolescence.
2. In the last 3 months of the current year, Oil Refining Company decided to change direction and go significantly into the oil drilling business. Management recognizes that this business is exceptionally risky and could jeopardize the success of its existing refining business, but there are significant potential rewards. During the short period of operation in drilling, the company has had three dry wells and no successes. The facts are adequately disclosed in footnotes.
3. Your client, Harrison Automotive, has changed from straight-line to sum-of-the-years' digits depreciation. The effect on this year's income is material, and the effect in future years is likely to be highly material. The facts are adequately disclosed in footnotes.
4. Toronto Technology Corporation has prepared financial statements but has decided to exclude the statement of cash flows. Management explains to you that the users of their financial statements find this statement confusing and prefer not to have it included.
5. Marseilles Fragrance. Inc., is based in New York but has operations throughout Europe. Because users of the audited financial statement are international, your audit firm was engaged to conduct the audit in accordance with U.S. auditing standards and International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).
6. The controller of Brentwood Industries, Inc.. will not allow you to confirm the receivable balance from two of its major customers. The amounts of the receivables are material in relation to Brentwood Industries' financial statements. You are unable to satisfy yourself as to the receivable balances by alternative procedures.
7. Approximately 20% of the audit of Lumberton Farms, Inc., was performed by a different CPA firm, selected by you. You have reviewed their audit riles and believe they did an excellent job on their portion of the audit. Nevertheless, you are unwilling to take complete responsibility for their work.
For each situation, do the following:
a. Identify which of the conditions requiring a modification of or a deviation from an unqualified standard report is applicable.
b. State the level of materiality as immaterial, material, or highly material. If you cannot decide the level of materiality, state the additional information needed to make a decision.
c. Given your answers in parts a. and b., state the appropriate audit report from the following alternatives (if you have not decided on one level of materiality in part b., state the appropriate report for each alternative materiality level):
(1) Unqualified - standard wording
(2) Unqualified - explanatory paragraph
(3) Unqualified - modified wording
(4) Qualified opinion only - GAAP departure
(5) Qualified opinion - scope limitation
(6) Disclaimer
(7) Adverse*
Objective 3-4
Describe the five circumstances when an unqualified report with an emphasisof- matter explanatory paragraph or modified wording is appropriate.
Objective 3-5
Identify the types of audit reports that can be issued when an unqualified opinion is not justified.
Objective 3-6
Explain how materiality affects audit reporting decisions.
Objective 3-7
Draft appropriately modified audit reports under a variety of circumstances.
Objective 3-8
Determine the appropriate audit report for a given audit situation.
Audit Report
The audit report is issued by a certified public accountant who is appointed by the shareholders to provide assurance upon the truth and fairness of the financial statements prepared by the managers of the company. Audit report contains the...
Financial Statements
Financial statements are the standardized formats to present the financial information related to a business or an organization for its users. Financial statements contain the historical information as well as current period’s financial...
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is the accounting standard adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While the SEC previously stated that it intends to move from U.S. GAAP to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the...
A Corporation is a legal form of business that is separate from its owner. In other words, a corporation is a business or organization formed by a group of people, and its right and liabilities separate from those of the individuals involved. It may...
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