From your experience with Prob. 6–39 and Ex

From your experience with Prob. 6–39 and Ex. 6–19, you observed that for completely reversed axial and bending fatigue, it is possible to • Observe the COVs associated with a priori design considerations. • Note the reliability goal. • Find the mean design factor .nd which will permit making a geometric design decision that will attain the goal using deterministic methods in conjunction with .nd. Formulate an interactive computer program that will enable the user to find .nd .While the material properties Sut , Sy , and the load COV must be input by the user, all of the COVs associated with Φ0.30 , ka , kc , kd , and Kf can be internal, and answers to questions will allow Cσ and CS , as well as Cn and .nd , to be calculated. Later you can add improvements. Test your program with problems you have already solved.


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