I-Butanol and chlorobenzene form a minimum-boiling azeotropic

I-Butanol and chlorobenzene form a minimum-boiling azeotropic system. The mole fraction of I-butanol in the liquid (x) and vapour (y) phases at 1.000 atm is given below for a variety of boiling temperatures (H. Artigas, C.

Lafuente, P. Cea, F.M. Royo, and J.S. Urieta,J. Chem. Eng. Data 42,132 (1997))
T/K 396.57 393.94 391.60 390.15 389.03 388.66 388.57
X 0.1065 0.1700 0.2646 0.3687 0.5017 0.6091 0.7171
Y 0.2859 0.3691 0.4505 0.5138 0.5840 0.6409 0.7070
Pure chlorobenzene boils at 404.86 K.
(a) Construct the chlorobenzene-rich portion of the phase diagram from the data.
(b) Estimate the temperature at which a solution whose mole fraction of I-butanol is 0.300 begins to boil.
(c) State the compositions and relative proportions of the two phases present after a solution initially 0.300 l-butanol is heated to 393.94 K.


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