Metropolis health system uses a basic work week of 40

Metropolis health system uses a basic work week of 40 hrs throughout the system,. thus, one-full time employee works 40 hrs per week. MHS also uses a standard 24 hr scheduling system of three 8/hr shifts. The director of nursing needs to compute the staffing requirements to fill the operating room positions. Since MHS is a trauma center the OR is staffed 24/hrs a day, 7 days a week. at present, staffing is identical for all seven days of the week, although the director of nursing is questioning the efficiency of this method.
the operating room department is staffed with 2 nursing supervisors on the day shift ane nursing supervisor apiece on the evening shifts. there are 2 technicians on the day shift, 2 technicians on the evening shifts, and one technician on the night shift. there are 3 RNs on the day shift, 2 RNs on the evning shift, and 1 on RN plus 1 LPN on the night shift. in addition, there is 1 aide plus 1 clerical worker on the day shift.
1. set up staffing requirements worksheet, using the format: shift 1/day- shift/2/day- shift 3/night- 24/hr scheduling total....
2. compute the number of FTEs required to fill the operating rooms staffing positions


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