Part 1: The Performance Lawn Equipment database contains data needed

"Part 1: The Performance Lawn Equipment database contains data needed to develop a pro forma income statement. Dealers selling PLE products all receive 18% of sales revenue for their part of doing business, and this is accounted for as the selling expense. The tax rate is 50%. Develop an Excel worksheet to extract and summarize the data needed to develop the income statement for 2014 and implement an Excel model in the form of a pro forma income statement for the company.

Part 2: The CFO of Performance Lawn Equipment, J. Kenneth Valentine, would like to have a model to predict the net income for the next 3 years. To do this, you need to determine how the variables in the pro forma income statement will likely change in the future. Using the calculations and worksheet that you developed along with other historical data in the database, estimate the annual rate of change in sales revenue, cost of goods sold, operating expense, and interest expense. Use these rates to modify the pro Forma income statement to predict the net income over the next 3 years. Because the estimates you derived from the historical data may not hold in the future, conduct appropriate what if, scenario, and/ or parametric sensitivity analyses to investigate how the projections might change if these assumptions don’t hold. Construct a tornado chart to show how the assumptions impact the net income in your model. Summarize your results and conclusions in a report to Mr. Valentine. "


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