Pepsi Refer to Data Set 19 in Appendix B and

Pepsi Refer to Data Set 19 in Appendix B and use the weights (pounds) of Diet Pepsi.
a. Find the mean and standard deviation, and verify that the data have a distribution that is roughly normal.
b. Treating the unrounded values of the mean and standard deviation as parameters, and assuming that the weights are normally distributed, find the weight separating the lowest 0.5% and the weight separating the highest 0.5%. These values could be helpful when quality control specialists try to control the manufacturing process so that underweight or overweight cans are rejected.
The word "distribution" has several meanings in the financial world, most of them pertaining to the payment of assets from a fund, account, or individual security to an investor or beneficiary. Retirement account distributions are among the most...


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