What led The Walt Disney Company to believe that its theme parks would be successful internationally? What stumbling blocks did


  1. What led The Walt Disney Company to believe that its theme parks would be successful internationally?
  2. What stumbling blocks did Disney encounter at the France and Hong Kong theme parks?
  3. What are some of the factors complicating international expansion for a brand like Disney? What can a multinational corporation do to mitigate these issues?

This case explores Disney’s road to globalization. Disney’s first international foray came in 1983 in Japan with the opening of Disneyland in Tokyo. Since then, Disney has opened parks in France and Hong Kong and has announced that it will open up a large park in Shanghai. This case outlines how Disney had to change its approach and strategy in order to be successful in international markets. Although the Disney brand is recognizable the world over, adaptations must always be made to accommodate different tastes, preferences, and beliefs. Economic, legal, political, and social barriers are difficult to overcome—even for the most successful corporations. Disney discovered this as its international parks experienced rocky beginnings.

A Corporation is a legal form of business that is separate from its owner. In other words, a corporation is a business or organization formed by a group of people, and its right and liabilities separate from those of the individuals involved. It may...

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