Consider the Nyquist diagram for given (mathrm{KG}(s) mathrm{H}(s)). The transfer function (mathrm{KG}(s) mathrm{H}(s)) has no poles and


Consider the Nyquist diagram for given \(\mathrm{KG}(s) \mathrm{H}(s)\). The transfer function \(\mathrm{KG}(s) \mathrm{H}(s)\) has no poles and zeros in the right half of \(s\) plane. If the \((-1, j 0)\) point is located first in region I and then in region II, the change in stability of the system will be from
(a) unstable to stable
(b) stable to stable
(c) unstable to unstable
(d) stable to unstable

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