1. Would you impose limits on the number of guests of guests that are allowed to use...


1. Would you impose limits on the number of “guests of guests” that are allowed to use hotel facilities? Why or why not?
2. Who do you believe is responsible for the safety of the young people attending the party? Why?

3. What would you want Bill to say to the guest to whom he is now speaking?
4. What steps would you take now to avoid situations such as this one in the future?

Bill Frisbee, the director of security for the Alleghany hotel, walked quickly to the property’s pool area.
“There are an awful lot of kids . . . and only one adult . . . down at the pool” was the statement made a few minutes earlier to the front-office manager by a housekeeper who had gone to the pool area to replenish the towel supply. All housekeepers had been trained to report any activity that could possibly be considered dangerous, and this housekeeper had performed well.
Because she could not leave the front-desk area unattended, the front-office manager had called Bill to ask for assistance.
“What’s the problem?” asked the guest when Bill arrived in the pool area. “I rented a room at this hotel to hold my son’s 11th birthday party. These are his friends. Are you saying we are not allowed to invite guests to visit us when we are registered in your hotel?”
Bill quickly counted over 25 young people attending the “pool party.”

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